Wedge Sandals Make Perfect Casual & Dress Shoes

By Susan,

Elongating the legs, sex appeal or extra height are some of the many reasons women squeeze their hard working feet into the latest trend high heels day after day. You might be interested to know that studies in USA have reported that 82% of women prefer to wear high heels, with 39% choosing to wear them every day.

If uber-tall stilettos are not your cup of tea though and you want the sexy-chic look without the pain, then Wedge sandals are the way to go. Women’s wedge sandals have the benefit of being both casual and dress shoes while also giving you extra height and still getting the leg-elongating effects of high heels! Even women who are stiletto lovers can wear wedge sandals for that casual Sunday afternoon rendezvous with the friends while being sexy in a relaxed way.

With years of stiletto wearing behind me, I am now totally biased and prefer the wedge heeled sandal over most other styles of shoes. This decision is completely based on my pain threshold where I am looking at comfort above anything else without compromising on style.

Another advantage and quality of the wedge sandals is that it suits any leg shape including our heels, ankles and calves. The size and shape of a wedge heel looks fantastic on every women’s legs including those that may have athletic or thicker ankles and calves.

Wedge sandals have a versatility to them that matches no other women’s shoe. When you wear a low wedge heel, you are rocking those shorts and blouse with the camel coloured felt sun hat, still looking sexy while feeling comfortable, whether it’s shopping or at that festival.

Or it might be that you are already tall enough and want to dress with a little bit of chic without extra height.

Add an inch or two to that dress wedge heeled sandal and you are glamming up your outfit for any occasion without having to think about how you will get through the long night ahead when the pinched toes & numbness envelopes your feet and turns to hot pokers just before you wear them in my hands! Well, that’s how my nights used to go anyway!

Of course it all depends on the style you are looking for.

At MYS Sandals new online store, we offer the options of designing your own pair of sandals. Whether you desire women’s casual or dress wedge heeled or flat shoes, you can personally design your own pair in three easy steps that you will be guided through, or, check out our style gallery where your inspiration can be stimulated with our new designs and combinations.

Your imagination is the only limitation with MYS sandals online store and don’t forget that you can contact me at any time via email, phone or live chat for guidance and any queries you may have about our store or our shoes.

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