A Visual History of the Gladiator Sandal in 30 Seconds

By Susan,

The lace-up gladiator sandal has had a strong hold on the fashion scene for quite some time but the verdict is already in—it’s all about the gladiator sandal for Summer 2015.

This flat sandal revolution is unavoidable and started as the most basic and utilitarian form of footwear used to protect the foot, quickly become a sign of rank, status, sex and fashion, even depicted in ancient times to be worn by gods. They didn’t receive full fashion treatment until the sixties when the gladiator sandals drew eyes to the ever adjusting hemlines and bared legs, and from there, over time, many designers have been drawn to the glads classical roots for different reasons.

Designers offered up every variation on the sandal by embracing their inner bohemian with simple laced-up versions, while other conjured up warrior-like sandals. Whether you’re a lover or a fighter, you’ll look decidedly chic in any of these options.

The gladiator has never been forgotten, it is once again having a renaissance for Summer this year. While a flat strap-on, laced up to the knee sandal might “appeal to one’s inner Xena or be the best way to accessorize a festival look, a high-heeled pair can confer instant goddess status”. (Laird Borrelli-Persson 15/4/15 Vogue).

Make Your Sandals Australia offers their own spin on the coolest of all summer sandals.

The lace up style with the knee high designs on the flat sandal, medium rise sandal or our platforms is so easy with our extensive range of our new European fabric designs and bold coloured straps to choose from.

The time is right for flat sandals!

Women’s flats have been revolutionized with various styles and embellishments on the sandal front. From beads to bling, straps to socks, buying women’s flat sandals online means you’ll have the perfect pair on your feet in time for a trip to the local outdoor market, tropical holiday or music festival in no time flat!

If you only buy one new shoe for spring, make sure it’s the footwear staple that has transcended the ages – gladiator sandal or even the raised wedge heel gladiator to “give added majesty!”

With Make Your Sandals Australia, you don’t have to break the bank to gladiate in style!

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