Wedge Sandals Make Perfect Casual & Dress Shoes

By Susan,

Elongating the legs, sex appeal or extra height are some of the many reasons women squeeze their hard working feet into the latest trend high heels day after day. You might be interested to know that studies in USA have reported that 82% of women prefer to wear high heels, with 39% choosing to wear them every day.

If uber-tall stilettos are not your cup of tea though and you want the sexy-chic look without the pain, then Wedge sandals are the way to go. Women’s wedge sandals have the benefit of being both casual and dress shoes while also giving you extra height and still getting the leg-elongating effects of high heels! Even women who are stiletto lovers can wear wedge sandals for that casual Sunday afternoon rendezvous with the friends while being sexy in a relaxed way.

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